Analysis of Modern Day Social Networking Websites

Social Networking Websites Dissertation – Since the dawn of the Internet the importance of CMC has significantly grown over time. It is now at the point where it can be considered an essential component of our everyday lives. The early growth of CMC can be mainly attributed to e-mail software. This software proved itself to be versatile and applicable in a number of different environments because it could suit the needs of both individuals and organisations.

However the needs of society constantly evolve through time and technology must adapt to satisfy these new requirements. Ambitious programmers recognised that certain aspects of society were changing and decided to develop a new technology, in an attempt to meet emerging new needs. From this SNS were born. The first of many SNS to be introduced to the public was SixDegrees which was released over a decade ago.

Although it is only in the past couple of years that SNS such as Facebook and MySpace have seen a dramatic increase in popularity. Their meteoric rise to prominence in our society has been particularly sudden, with most people quickly integrating these sites into their daily practices. The unexpected emergence of social networking websites has been a surprise to many people because they cannot comprehend how this technology has become so successful. Especially when you consider the fact that there are plenty of other CMC methods available such as email and chat rooms. Industry analysts are constantly posing questions on this subject which have yet to be clearly answered.

Examples of these questions include what needs are SNS satisfying that other methods of CMC communication don’t? Why are users motivated to use SNS? What attitudes do people have towards SNS and other methods of CMC? How are SNS being applied in different environments?

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  • Includes questionnaire
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1: Introduction

2: Background and Literature Study
User Motivations and Attitudes Towards SNS
Privacy and SNS
The Effect of SNS on E-mail
Application of SNS in Professional Environments

3: Research Methods

4: Research Results
Questionnaire Results
Interview Results

5: Discussion Of Results
User Motivations and Behaviour
Security and Privacy Issues
Barriers to Evolution Caused by Attitude
SNS as a Substitute for E-Mail
Professional Applications of SNS
The Future of SNS

6: Conclusion
Reflection of Study
Future Research



Social Networking Websites Dissertation
Social Networking Websites Dissertation

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