What Opportunities Has Broadband Technology Brought To Teleworkers? (2011)

Teleworking in the United Kingdom Dissertation – This study discusses the way that higher bandwidth of broadband is becoming readily available across the United Kingdom. This is allowing several “bandwidth hungry” applications to becoming increasingly popular. These applications allow easy communication between teleworkers and their office-based colleagues; these include Virtual Private Networks, Voice over Internet Protocol and video conferencing.

Through various sources, it has been concluded that applications such as Voice over Internet Protocol are still in their infancy. The only way to overcome the high-latency problems that teleworkers are faced when using video-conferencing and VoIP is to anticipate greater bandwidth from their broadband connections. The applications and teleworkers are entirely dependent upon their broadband speeds and availability.

  • 11,000 words – 55 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for computing students

1 – Introduction, Aims and Objectives
Introduction to the content of the research
Discussion of definitions
Use of ‘teleworking’ through this study
Framework of research questions
Structure of report

2 – Rationale For Deciding on Area of Interest
Discussion of preliminary interviews
Discussion of interviewee As preliminary interview
Discussion of interviewee Bs preliminary interview
Reflection from both interviews
History/background of teleworking
Summary of chapter two

3 – Research Methods
Literature review
Searched terms used in literature review
Primary research
Pilot study
Questionnaire design
Time frame
Secondary quantitative research
Critique of research methods
Ethnographic views
Text books
Summary of chapter three

4 – Literature Review
Number of teleworkers in the UK
Forms of internet connectivity
Wireless broadband
Reflection of broadband
Opportunities broadband has bought to teleworking
Virtual private networks
Voice over internet protocol
Video conferencing
What is web 2.0?
Use of information and communication technologies
ICT and productivity
Desktop versus laptop
Summary of literature review

5 – Results From Field Research
Findings from questionnaires
Summary of questionnaire
Summarised findings
Critical analysis of field research
Findings from interviews

6 – Conclusions and Discussion of Findings
Hindrance in the growth of teleworking
Technology in teleworking today
Broadband today
Broadband in the future
VoIP today
VoIP in the future
Mobile phones today and in the future
Teleworking in the future
A converging population of teleworkers
Personal evaluation/conclusions of teleworking


Appendix Section

Teleworking in the United Kingdom Dissertation
Teleworking in the United Kingdom Dissertation

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