An Investigation on How Privacy Issues on the Internet Impact Individual Lives (2010)

In the real world, nobody knows what TV commercials you watch or which sitcoms you surf. When you go strolling through the mall, no one’s making note of the stores you visit or the clothes you try on. However on the Internet, web sites are doing all of this and more. After looking at a number of articles over the past few years regarding the state of the Internet and how a persons privacy is being invaded, it was decided to carry out an investigation of how the public feels about such issues and whether they are affected by not knowing if they have control over their privacy when they are online.

There are technologies in place to invade people’s privacy but are they there to act as “Big Brother” or are they in fact trying to make our lives easier? Big businesses are using such technologies to monitor and record our online activities without our consent. As Tynan (2008) has stated, in the real world no one can see what we are doing in our daily lives. Even though there are a lot of security technologies that are placed in shopping malls and High streets, there are reasons why these are there; mainly to protect the public and catch criminals.

Security cameras can be justified of why they are monitoring people; however there is no real justification of why there are technologies on the Internet, such as cookies which record people’s details. Furthermore we have criminals who are taking advantage of the Internet and are using it to interfere in other people’s lives. With the use of unfair techniques, they fool individuals in to giving out their personal details so they can use them to their own advantages.

Privacy on the Internet can affect members of the public in many ways, occurring before and after they enter their personal information online. Before a person enters their details online they may be confronted with the issue of personal security. If a person does not feel their information; such as their bank details, home address, telephone number, etc. are not safe, they are less likely to give them out online. This study has been conducted in order to conclude different views of how people have been affected when using the Internet.

Project aim

  • To investigate how privacy issues on the Internet impact individual lives

Project objectives

  • To investigate if individuals feel safe when they are online
  • If they feel confident giving out personal and financial details online
  • If they are aware of tracking devices online
  • If they are aware of tracking devices do they use them
  • Look at privacy experiences that users may have had online

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  • Excellent use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Includes questionnaire
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1: Introduction

2 Invasion of Privacy
Internet Access
Internet Usage
What is Privacy?
Internet Privacy
Why Invasion of Privacy is an Issue
Surveillance E-mail
Registering to Websites
Data Protection
Privacy policies

3: Research Methodology
Secondary Research
Newspaper Articles
Benefits of using secondary research
Rationale for research
Research Approaches and Methods
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Primary Research
Choice of approach
Questionnaire Design
Sample Administration
Data Collection
Data analysis
Limitations of research

4: Findings
Details of Respondents
Internet usage
Confidence Online
Users Experiences

5: Conclusions



Internet Privacy Issues Dissertation
Internet Privacy Issues Dissertation

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