An Analysis into E-Commerce and Network Security Concerns for SME Sized Organisations

Network Security Concerns Final Year Project – The rational and main objective of this final year dissertation is to analyse the issues of security in computer based information systems. The report will primarily focus on the statement “Using Hacker Techniques to Improve System Maintainability” and will address the issues to information systems (IS) or network managers so that they become more aware of the dangers to their computers and information systems that need to be prevented and controlled.

The security of information systems is an ever growing issues as computer abuse is increasing; therefore the report will also aim to cover the issues of security in information systems for organisations and on the internet, which has had a profound effect on the computing industry. There are four main sections that make up this report. The first section will introduce the readers to the possible consequences and a threat to computer based information systems, including the lack of security in organisations and will show the importance of this problem.

The second section of the report will discuss the breaches made by hackers and how they have been caught by policing methods and what methods should be implemented to help prevent fraudulent crime or any crime in regards to technology. The third section will focus and deal with issues on how to secure the insecure, and finally solutions to the problems will be discussed in the report, which will state how to make the Internet and networked systems more secure.

It is hoped that the report will help raise awareness in information systems and network managers surrounding the issues of computer security as it is extremely important in thus era of modern technologies playing a major role in the way that an organisation operates.

  • 15,000 words – 62 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for IT and computing students

1 – Introduction and justification of methodology

2 – Literature Review
Internet security issues in organisations
Hacked Advertising
Retail Outlet Crime via Internet
Other Organisations
Industrial Espionage
Business Integrity
System Disabling

3 – Breaches and how hackers work?
Definition of a Hacker
Network File System
Social Engineering
Password Cracking
Packet and Password Sniffing
IP Spoofing
Trojan Horses
Trap Door

4 – Ways to secure the insecure
Internet Firewalls
What Is a Firewall?
What Can a Firewall Not Do?
Password Protection
Symmetric Encryption
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
IP Spoofing and SYN-Flooding

5 – Further ways to secure and solutions
Security through Obscurity
Generation of Secure Passwords
Security Auditing Tools
IP Restriction
Firewall Security
Asymmetric or Public Key Encryption
E-mail Security
IP Spoofing and SYN-Flooding
TCP-SYN Flooding
Education and Awareness
Research Conclusions



Network Security Concerns Final Year Project
Network Security Concerns Final Year Project

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