A Study into the Threats of Email Phishing Attacks on Online Banking Security (2012)

Online Banking Security Final Year Project – In these modern times, Technology Communication is a vital and ever-present facet of life. This technology driven era which is mostly depending on computers, smart phones and the internet for the most means of communication, web security has evolved as a challenging task for the industry. It has brought in many challenging problems for the security conscious organisations and professionals.

The major industries affected by these threats are related to financial sector where losses are very large either in terms of money or time to investigate and mitigate the loss. One major issues concerned is the identity theft which causes an untreatable loss to anyone and among them stands the Phishing attacks. Phishing has evolved as the most hazardous 21st century crime. The growth in the phishing attacks has increased exponentially in the past few years due to a very fast growth in the digital communication media utilisation in the day to day life.

The financial loss that incur only because of phishing has been identified to be the bigger than most of all other cyber crimes and has be reported to nearly affect 356 brands (organisations) by the late 2010. The main aim of this dissertation is to develop a tool that could protect user from phishing attacks and provide a secure path for online banking services and this led to implementation of a web browser based tool to stop phishing.

All the phishing emails received to testing email account were stored in an online database. All the email addresses and URLs received were grouped depending on their domain similarity and study the between relationship of the email address and the URL has been done so as to check the possibility of verifying a phishing email just as like a spamming email. Finally, a conclusion on the possibility detecting a phishing email from the email address has been reached.

Research Objectives: To research and review the cyber attacks targeted on the financial organisations. To research on various types of phishing attacks (phishing is a type of cyber attack) and review the phishing attacks targeted on the online banking systems in the current era of computers. To identify the possible solutions to prevent the phishing attacks and identify a particular method for designing a defensive tool to stop phishing. To identify the evaluation criteria for the solution that is feasible and which can stop phishing attacks effectively.

  • 15,000 words – 58 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Ideal for IT and computing students

1 – Introduction
Work Done and Results
Structure of the Report

2 – Phishing
Evolution of phishing
Types of phishing attacks and counter measures
Deceptive Phishing
Malware based phishing
Keystroke logger
Session Hijacking

3 – Proposed solution to stop phishing
Evaluation Criteria

4 – Implementation of the designed solution

5 – Testing the tool developed
White box testing
Black box testing

6 – Testing the Hypothesis
Discussion about the Emails and URLs assumed to be from the same domain
Discussion about the Emails and URLs assumed to be from the different domain

7 – Evaluating the anti phishing tool

8 – Evaluating the work done in the project

9 – Conclusions and Recommendations




Online Banking Security Final Year Project
Online Banking Security Final Year Project

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