Interactive Social Network Visualisation (2012)

Social Network Visualisation Dissertation – Social Networking Sites are becoming increasingly popular with all different kinds of users. When people join the sites they allow the user to conduct a range of activities. These activities can also give the user a number of benefits. This report investigates the different motivations people have for joining a social network site, which are the most common, and what are the main benefits people gain?

The report also explores Interactive Visualisation. Visualisation is viewing a graphical image of an individual’s social network. Social networks can be viewed by adding applications to social network sites. This dissertation explores these applications to find user preference so a new application can be designed. Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to collect the data. These were in the form questionnaires, logbooks, and interviews. The data collected was processed into Microsoft Excel so graphs could be created.

Opening coding was used to analysis the interviews. The results from the data suggest that the main motivation for joining a social network site is to keep in touch friends. This was also the main benefit the sites give the user, along with been able to keep in touch with contacts who are otherwise inaccessible. For the visualisation application people wanted an application that is simple to use, has a good layout, to be able to see how your friends are connected, and been able to view your friend’s network.

  • 12,000 words – 88 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Includes questionnaire and transcripts
  • Ideal for IT and computing students

1 – Introduction
Project Proposal
Project Aim
Report Structure

2 – Literature Review
Social Network Definition
Social Networking Sites
Interactive Social Network

3 – Methodology
Logbook with questionnaire

4 – Results
Logbook Dairy Results
Logbook Questionnaire Results
Interview Results
Analysis of Transcripts
Summary of Results
Social Networks and the benefits they give the user Emotions towards the two interactive
The new Interactive Social Network
Visualisation Application

5 – Interactive Social Network Visualisation Application Design
Application Idea
User Requirements
Wireframe Prototypes of design

6 – Conclusion
Discussion of results
Why people join social networks and the benefits that having a social network bring?
Interactive social network visualisation applications, the need for a new application, and the user
preferences for this application?
User requirements for a new interactive social network visualisation application.
Self Reflection
Future Development

Appendix Section


Social Network Visualisation Dissertation
Social Network Visualisation Dissertation

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