An Investigation into the Effect of Virus Threats to Mobile Devices (2012)

Virus Threats to Mobile Devices Dissertation – The birth of any technology also gives birth to all its anti-parameters which create hindrances in its advancement and obviously in its applications, technology itself is a dependent variable which needs energy and hardware to perform task-oriented procedures. Whenever we talk about information technology computer and internet are the basic course of study.

As information technology was in its hype another technology come across the continents named as “telecommunication technology”. As the smart phone market is growing day by day, these devices are becoming a target for viruses. The security threats are also increasing as more and more people are getting connected to networks. There are 100 of mobile viruses that can damage a phone and can also create bills of hundreds of dollars by sending different picture messages. The aim of this research is to analyse the effects of viruses on mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPads, laptops and desktops.

The objectives of this research are; 1. To determine the frequency with which mobile devices are affected by viruses; 2. To determine which mobile devices among mobile phones, laptops and tablets are most susceptible to viruses; 3. To determine the main types of damages viruses can cause in mobile devices and 4. To determine the amount of times devices that are rendered useless once such viruses hit the devices. The results show that among mobile devices such as laptops, mobiles phones and tablets, the most susceptible to viruses are laptops, then tablets and then mobile phones.

Most of the respondents identified using anti-virus software to protect their mobile devices while some simply avoid downloading and transferring files from insecure and foreign sources. The maximum damage to most of the mobile devices done by viruses in mobile phones and laptops is program malfunctioning while in tablets it is loss of files and corruption of the entire system.

  • 10,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
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1: Introduction
Symptoms of Viruses
Identification of Viruses
Recovery from Viruses
Aim of the Research
Objectives of the Study
Organization of the Dissertation

2: Literature Review
Defining Virus
Viruses in Mobiles

3: Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Type of research
Nature of research
Research design
Sources of data
Sample and Sampling technique
Target audience
Sample size
Sampling methodology
Critique of sampling technique
Method of data collection
Method of data analysis
Ethical concern

4: Presentation and Analysis of Results

5: Conclusion
Link with Research Objectives
Limitations of the Research
Future Research


Appendix Section

Virus Threats to Mobile Devices Dissertation
Virus Threats to Mobile Devices Dissertation

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