Addictive Usage of Technology – Can this Lead to Social Imbalance? (2013)

Addictive Usage of Technology Dissertation – The use of text and instant messaging is another very important aspect of our addictive use of technology there are no paralinguistic cues involved in this particular form of communication. It is very important for an effective conversation to have different cues like body language, intonation, facial expressions etc used in the conversation with anybody.

In this dissertation, a deep study of such behaviours and the depth of the problems associated with above mentioned two cases of addictive use of technology is analyzed with substantial empirical data collected through a quantitative methodology of research. Quantitative method of research is adopted in this thesis as the base of the study but still, some information was also collected through other methodology. Thus we can say that a mixed approach of research is adopted but the major part of the research is based on the data collected through quantitative methodology.

The data collected for this dissertation is based on the survey of the people who use the internet for extended times and the SMS and IM as the most favourite mode of communication. These people were requested to answer a set of questions related to the topic the addictive usage of technology the study also includes the questions related to the issues that are being posed by the addictive use of technology to the physical and mental health of the people. The survey focused the internet users of Britain being the developed country; Britain is having a more profound impact of the imbalances created by the addictive use of the internet.

The situation of many developed countries across the globe is also critical of the same intensity in terms of the problems related to addictive usage of the internet and the cellular phones. The data collected from the survey is analyzed on the basis of:

  • Critical Management thinking to the problems associated with the addictive usage of technology
  • Evaluation of the techniques and the procedure adopted to study the problems associated with subject issue
  • Synthesis of the critical information to reach a final conclusion
  • The final conclusions are further assessed for finding out some ideas about the solutions of these problems associated with the addictive usage of technology
  • 12,000 words – 76 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Ideal for business and IT students

1. Introduction
The purpose of the dissertation

2. Addictive Use of Technology
Excessive Use of the Internet
Evolution of Internet
Gaming Industry in Perspective
TV and Video Industry in Perspective
Shortcomings of excessive Use of the Internet
Future Trends of drawbacks associated with Excessive Use of the Internet
Addictive Use of Mobile and Chatting Software
Mobile Texting/Short Message Services SMS
Chatting and Other Applications
Shortcomings of Text and Chatting

3. Research Methodology
Quantitative Method
Reasons and Objectives to Choose Quantitative Method

4. Research Analysis and Discussions
The Procedure of Research
Raw Data Findings
Organizing the Raw Information
Interpretations of the Data

5. Conclusion
Future Trends and Associated Problems
Suggested Solutions to the Problems


Addictive Usage of Technology Dissertation
Addictive Usage of Technology Dissertation

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