Risks of Open Wi-Fi Networks (2015)

Open Wi-Fi Networks Risks Dissertation – Wireless networks offer several advantages such as ease of connection, convenience, and reduced cost. People can perform computing tasks on the move and are not restricted by a physical infrastructure. At the same time, the open Wi-Fi network poses some serious risks. Privacy and security are among the major concerns of the open Wi-Fi network.

The open Wi-Fi network was developed to provide a wireless network for the transmission of data over radio waves. Unfortunately, the network is not secured which makes the data capable of being intercepted by hackers and other unauthorized persons. The wireless nature of the network means that the hacker does not have to be a part of the organization that provides the network or be connected to the network by physical infrastructure.

However, better and more efficient security protocol are being developed to increase the security of data being shared over these networks. The broad aims and objectives of this dissertation are to determine the main security risks of open Wi-Fi networks and the extent to which users of open Wi-Fi networks are aware of those risks. The study aims to review the main threats and the common ways in which those threats are realized by hackers and attackers using various devices and software.

On the basis of the findings, the study aims to determine remedies to make open Wi-Fi networks less vulnerable to the identified risks. It aims to recommend the best solution to the problem based on available research and survey findings.

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1: Introduction
Aims and Objectives

2: Literature Review

3: Scope and Constraints

4: Research Methodology

5: Findings, Implementation and Evaluation
Survey Findings
Demographic Composition
Behavioural Composition
Awareness of Risks
Awareness of Hacking Methods
Awareness of Protective Measures
Qualitative Research Findings
Most Common Security Risks
Most Common Invasion Methods
Software Used for Hacking
WEP Cracking Results
Available Solutions

6: Conclusion


Survey Questionnaire

Open Wi-Fi Networks Risks Dissertation
Open Wi-Fi Networks Risks Dissertation

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