Design A Generic Face Recognition System (2015)

Face Recognition System Dissertation – The goal of this dissertation is to provide face detection and face recognition literature as comprehensive and achievable. Face detection was enclosed as an inescapable pre-processing step for face recognition. It is a problem in itself; as a result it presents its own difficulties and challenges. The functional components of the project are the application for face detection, face extraction and facial recognition.

In this dissertation project, a prototype solution will be implemented with ASP.NET Web technology The SQL server will be used as a relational database, to save all application related entries, followed by a rapid application development approach. The basic purpose of this research is to build an effective and efficient facial recognition tool, for both higher and lower management. This has been successfully fulfilled. It is not possible to develop a system that serves all the requirements of all users.

User requirements keep changing as the system is being used. Hence, as the requirement evolves, the system can be upgraded as per the requirements update and specifications. In this system people can access the account only through a facial recognition process. This will be used not only to claim the expenses, but also to help users access their account safely and reach HR for various documents and proofs required to get the amount approved.

This will reduce paperwork and personal stress. It will be easier for an organization to maintain the data in the system’s hard drive or servers, which can be accessed from any part of world at any time. With all the documents related to that particular file stored in the system, it will help in keeping all the documents safe and secure.

  • 10,000 words – 48 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for computing students

1: Introduction
Facial Recognition
Overview of Generic Face Recognition System
Face Detection
Knowledge-Based Methods
Feature-Invariant Methods
Template Matching
Appearance-Based Methods
Face Tracking
Feature Extraction
Face Recognition: Different Approaches
Appearance-Based / Model-Based Approaches
Project Introduction
Traditional System
Proposed System
Rest of the Subsequent Chapters

2: Study of the System
List of Modules
2.2 UML Diagrams

3: Software Requirements and Languages Used
Functional Requirements
Non-Functional Requirements
Software Platforms
Data Adapter – SQL

4: System Design
Usage Scenario
Use Case
Process Flow Chart
E – R Diagrams
High Level Diagram

5: Conclusion
The Complete Test Strategy
Future Enhancement
Test Cases

Code and UI


Face Recognition System Dissertation
Face Recognition System Dissertation

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