Advances in Cloud Gaming (2017)

Cloud gaming has increasingly become one of the most popular technological advances in IT and has seen a massive increase in start-up companies. Many subscribers have been attracted to a majority of public gaming companies; a move that has shown success on the services being offered by cloud gaming. However, by pushing services for the cloud gaming, many barriers have created a stabling blocks in the success to its propelling.

The objectives of this dissertation is to bring forth the prospect of the cloud gaming at the same time pointing out research problems that may have emerged over the wide spectrum of the various directions; those that are inclusive of video coders, distributed systems, visualisation, resource allocation, human-interaction, and quality of experience, not forgetting dynamic adaptations. The main approach to the research is based on the way service providers will move forward in offering high quality services; since this far, gaming remains a profitable and promising business in the new technologically advanced world.

The facts about cloud gaming remain that more fresh ideas shall come in to capitalise the profuse and elastic cloud resources for the purposes of better clouding experiences and further see such ideas to be associated with the challenges in the coming years. The dissertation aims at offering information about cloud gaming for the purpose of elaborating the vast field of its continued improvements.

In concern to this, the research will highlight the various games available through cloud gaming; hence, forming the ground for discussion and exploration. Further, the research will also provide ways that cloud games can be enhanced for efficiency and validity realised from the expert opinion. The primary objective of this study is to explore cloud gaming with the intention of demonstrating the emergent technological advances which are being adopted in gaming.

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  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
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  • Ideal for games development students

1 – Introduction

2 – Aims and Objectives
Project Objectives
Research Questions
Statement of Problem

3 – Methodology
Outline of the Research
Research Philosophy
Approaches to the Research
Strategies of the Research
Structured Interview
Structured Interview Design and Validation
Waterfall Methodology
Moscow Methodology
Secondary Data

4 – Risks of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Risk Management

5 – Literature Review
Introduction of Cloud Gaming
Terminologies in Cloud Computing
Cloud Deployment Models
Cloud Delivery Models
Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Software as a Service
Related Technologies and Definitions
Distributed Computing
Cloud Computing Supporting Technology
Load Balancing
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Thin Client Platform
Technology Acceptance Model
Applicability of TAM
Applications to the Research
Summary of user Related Issues

6 – Main Research Questions and Data
Primary Data
Secondary Data
Automatic Upgrades and Updates
Overall Costs
Limited Choice Games
Availability of Internet

7 – Data Analysis
Bandwidth and Latency
Automatic Updates and Upgrades
Risk of Viruses
Benefits of Thin Client
Features Emanating from Open-ended Questions
Attitudes on Using the Technology
Summary of Factors and Conditions Forming the User Attitude

8 – Conclusion
Contribution of the Dissertation
Further Research

Advances in Cloud Gaming Dissertation
Advances in Cloud Gaming Dissertation

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