The Adoption and Implementation of Information Technologies in Supply Chains (2020)

Information Technologies in Supply Chains Dissertation – Innovations in digital technologies shape all the industries, especially the B2C e-commerce. The incremental and radical changes in digital technologies enable retailers and merchants to interact with their customers by using different channels in a seamless way, also shaping customers’ expectations and their understanding of B2C e-commerce. Thus, retailers and merchants need to keep up with new digital innovations and trends to be competitive in the industry.

The purpose of this dissertation study is to provide a picture of the current state-of-art of the digital technology trends and innovations that affect merchants and retailers in B2C e-commerce in the US, China, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Turkey. Since the industry is changing rapidly, and new innovations emerge every day, the focus of this study is on what has happened between 2018 and 2020. First, a literature review is performed to analyze digital innovation trends in the industry.

Then, the real-world applications of technological innovations are investigated, and the findings are further analyzed to understand the preferences of the merchants and retailers about digital technologies’ application areas and industries. In addition, the omnichannel effects of digital technologies and digital innovations implemented due to the COVID-19 outbreak are also explored. Lastly, the diffusion of digital innovations in countries is also compared and included in the main findings. As such, this study is beneficial for companies operating in B2C e-commerce to understand the digital innovation trends utilized in different customer journey phases, industries, and countries.

The aim of the study is to address recent publications in the domain of information technologies adoption in supply chain with the aim of identifying the trends in IT adoption research. The main objective of the study is steered toward gaining a comprehensive understanding in the information technology adoption process in supply chain, while underlining influential variables affecting this adoption and also determining the differences among information technology in the same system context. To achieve the aim, firstly, a set of questions was considered to create borders and narrow down the frame of the study to understand research topics. This is pursued by identifying:

  • IT applications adopted in the supply chain context in literature
  • Influential variables (dependent and independent) of adopting IT applications in supply chains
  • Adoption process of IT applications in supply chainswith comparison of the differences among Technologies

This dissertation study is dedicated to the investigation of the influential variables affecting the adoption process of information technologies in supply chains and differences in adoption process among different Technologies.

Thus, digital technologies are determined according to the findings of the study and these digital technologies are severely analyzed to understand their application areas and diffusion throughout the customer journey in different industries. Lastly, the comparison between the countries is performed in terms of implementations and diffusion of digital innovations.

  • 25,000 words – 102 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for information technology students

Executive Summary
Research Objectives
Research Methodology
Main Findings

1 – Introduction

2 – Literature Review
Literature Review Framework

3 – Analysis of Real-World Applications

4 – Technological Context
Live Streaming
Mini Programs
Drone Delivery
Digital Wallet
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Personal Assistant
Internet of Things
Track and Trace
Group Buying
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
Click and Collect

5 – Conclusion
Scope of the Analysis and Main Results


Information Technologies in Supply Chains Dissertation
Information Technologies in Supply Chains Dissertation

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