Under Criminal Law, if the prosecution has been able to prove the actus reus and mens rea of the offence, the defendant may be guilty unless he or she is able to establish a defence.[1] Among all the defences, some are partial defences which do not lead to a complete acquittal, but only reduce the charge for which the defendant is convicted. It is for the prosecution to prove that the defendant was not relying on the defence if a defence is regarded as a denial of actus reus or mens rea. [2] In the theory of criminal law, it is common to distinguish between justification defences and excuse defences. In the context of justifications, a defence is allowed because the special circumstances in which the action is performed make the action desirable, or at least permissible, from a social and moral point of view. Justification functions as an exception to the criminal prohibition where the action is not wrongful and is warranted

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