The WTO’s Requirements on Insurance Service: The Challenges For China’s Insurance Regulations

The insurance industry in China has been undergoing substantial change in recent years especially after China entered the WTO in December 2001. Since the insurance industry is a highly regulation-based industry, the opening of China’s insurance market to comply with the principles of General Agreements on Trade in Services (GATS) has lead to a need to establish a set of regulations in order to better regulate the insurance industry.

It is currently very common for countries to adopt similar insurance regulations which are focused on solvency control. This approach might be useful for China especially for the revision of its insurance regulations. The objective of this dissertation, thereby, aims to make some recommendation for the reform of China’s Insurance regulations based on the comparative and theoretical analysis.

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1: Retrospective Study of China Insurance Market
China’s Insurance Industry Before 1949
China’s Insurance Industry After 1949

2: The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and China
Commitment on Insurance Service Upon Acceding to the WTO
Overview of GATS
Definition and Scope of Insurance Services
General Obligations and Specific Commitments on Insurance Services
The Annexes on Financial Services and the Understanding
China’s Specific Commitments on Insurance Services
WTO’s Challenges to China’s Insurance Industry

3: Regulatory Regime of China Insurance Service
Overview of China’s Insurance Act (1995)
Regulations Governing Domestic Insurers
Special Regulations Governing Foreign Insurers
Problems with the Current Insurance Regulatory Regime

4: Comparative Study
Insurance Regulations in Canada
Insurance Regulations in OECD Member Countries
Insurance Regulations in Asian Economies

5: Proposals for Reforming China’s Insurance Regulatory Regime
Theoretical discussion of Insurance Regulation
Some Principles in Establishing China’s Insurance Regulatory Regime
Reforming the Content of China’s Regulations for Insurance
Proposals for China’s Insurance Regulatory Institute

China’s Insurance Regulations Dissertation
China’s Insurance Regulations Dissertation

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