The following report examines Tesco – the most successful supermarket in the UK. Through in-depth analysis of the company’s internal and external contributories, the report discusses the marketing mix of Tesco’s leading clothing range; Cherokee. With referral to several marketing textbooks and websites, theories and information were derived in order for this report to be written. This specific information is apparent throughout the report when giving facts about the company. This is used to set the scene for the interpretation and also aids discussion. To examine the internal aspects of Tesco its Microenvironment will be analysed. With referral to the individual company, its customers and competitors, closer examination can be achieved. Looking at the company through this method, its internal characteristics were devised; adding to the interpretation of the SWOT analysis. Secondly, the macro-environment of Tesco is discussed. Ranging from political to technological, specific externalities are investigated. These factors allow an overall image of the company to be formed; concluding its internal forces and with what environment it functions in

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