The following report examines Rowntree’s most primal confectionary brand: the KitKat. Through in-depth analysis of the brand’s internal and external contributories the report discusses whether it may be feasible to reintroduce the KitKat Chunky; which has previously been deducted from the market. With referral to the case study and other marketing textbooks, theories and information can be derived in order for this report to be written. This specific information is apparent particularly in the reports introduction where background information is given on the KitKat in order to set the scene for the interpretation.

To examine the internal aspects of KitKat its Microenvironment will be analysed. The account looks more closely at the company, its customers and its competitors. For example marketing differentiation between KitKat’s two main products can be distinguished and aspects as to how and why this is the case are apparent. Looking at the company through this method, its internal characteristics can be devised; adding to the interpretation of the SWOT analysis and in particular helps to evaluate whether KitKat holds a marketing orientation to their product of not

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