Traditional theories and models of buying behaviour have concentrated on the fact that people consume products for the features and utility benefits they have. Due to the economic boom of the mid 20th Century, however, and the increase of consumption that followed, there has been a shift in research focus. Subsequently, new literature focuses on the psychological aspects of buying, especially the dysfunctional side of consumption: “Considered as the side affect of materialism and the dark side of consumer behaviour, compulsive buying has been under scrutiny…because of its serious impact on the individual and the public.” Research suggests that this idea of addiction involves two levels 1) addiction for the product (drugs, alcohol) 2) an addiction -not to the product- but to the process of buying; the later of which will be the focus of the discussion. As a consequence, analysis will focus on the characteristics and personality factors, featured in this type of behaviour, in order to identify the motives behind it and to identify the detrimental affects that this can have, with reference to consumer debt

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