The UK market for traditional toys and games was valued at £2.13 billion in 2005, following a 21% growth in sales since 2000. This is because the toys and games market is highly fragmented in both supply and retail terms. On the supply side there is now only limited domestic product. Through out the years, Action toys have always aimed at the male market it comprises figures and accessories, including the majority of boy’s concept toys. The main factors driving development in the toys and games market are technology, branding and licensing. During our research we found out that kids have an impact in what their parents buy for them. However, the educational value of the toy and games is also considered, and suggesting that parents are acting responsibly when choosing toys for their children. We have carefully selected toys and games that appeal to the target market, the parents of the target market, and educators – We looked into the market and realised that technology is playing a major part in children entertainment and for that reason, we decide to produce an action figure toy. With our new product, it wouldn’t be just any action figure toy but rather one with a remote control. The reason being, this enables kids to have power and control over their product and be creative with them

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