Section One: An industry environment analysis for Ryanair will be carried out, this will include the macro and micro factors which the company need to take into consideration in order to understand the market well. I will start of by carrying out a PESTLE analysis, Porters five forces analysis and Porters diamond in relation to what Ryanair need to consider within the macro environment of the airline industry. Section Two: Will assess the strategic resource capability of Ryanair, this is done by analysing Ryanair’s internal capabilities focusing on their Resource capabilities, finance, technology and so on to see if the company utilizes them effectively or not. With the use of the value chain analysis I will now highlight the airlines capabilities, which is crucial to the company’s success, involving both physical resources and intangible factors. Section Three: The company’s current capabilities show many advantages as well as many disadvantages as shown within the SWOT analysis. Ryanair have a great position within the market, due to their low cost scheme, building their company a good reputation due to such low fares

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