Sainsbury: The Supermarket War. The grocery industry sector in the UK is controlled and directed by supermarket giants most of which are household names. Between the high-end niche market players like Waitrose and Marks & Spencer and the cheap bulk discounters like Iceland, the top five players operating in the largest mid-market segment remain Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Somerfield and Safeway. Striving to capture consumer attention and in the effort to retain it, the strategies of the supermarkets swing between loyalty schemes and price wars. Alongside continuous attempt to retain a hold over the home market, many of the organizations view overseas opportunities as another lucrative way to inflate profits and expand the brand name. On the other side of the coin, invasions from foreign companies like Walmart/Asda and the slightly over-efficient supply mechanism of the industry present UK supermarkets with the challenges of mergers, acquisitions and the positive and negative effects of globalization

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