Some organisations grow to be extremely large and profitable, while others go bankrupt. Some organisations diversify into new business activities, while others do not. The greatest challenge for a successful organisation is change. Change also challenges managers. It is not surprising that the concept of ‘strategy’, which provides a way to deal with change, was developed in a military setting. A strategy gives direction to diverse activities, even though the conditions under which those activities are carried out are rapidly changing. As the conditions under which businesses and not-for-profit organisations operate become increasingly competitive, as the ranges of responses become more constrained, and as the survival stakes become higher, strategy becomes increasingly relevant to sound management. Strategic management can be thought of as having three main elements within it, which includes understanding the strategic position of an organisation, strategic choices for the future and turning strategy into action. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate M&S’s and Sainsbury’s strategy on the possibility of participating more actively in the UK market. Includes: SWOT Analysis, Mintzberg’s 5 Ps for Strategy, Porter’s Generic Strategies, The Value Chain, Ansoff Matrix, BCG Planning tool & The 7s McKinsey Model

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