At the beginning of 1980s, ‘Nokia has been adept at leveraging its limited financial and managerial resources to gain a foothold in lead market. The strategy of narrowing the business focuses to leverage resources but aggressively enter international markets made China critical to Nokia’s future – and a source of another tragedy within the company.’ After Nokia has gained a stable market performance in Europe and the USA, next step for long-term operation, Nokia made a transition to global focus mobile phone seller from a technology concern. Moreover, Nokia shifted its global strategy sharply toward Asia, where Nokia saw its largest market potential, especially in China, low penetration circumstance made Nokia recognising a fantastic potential for volume. There is no doubt that, it is rare nowadays for any boardroom not to have the immense opportunity of the China’s market high on their list of priorities. If ever you had to go with the flow and culture of an overseas market, China appears to be the epitome.’ As a result, Nokia prepared to expand its business into China. Includes SWOT, PEST, 4Ps Analyses

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