In this competitive environment, it is necessary to have detailed analysis of internal as well as external environment of the company, before formulating any policy. In any company, the audit is mainly done of three traditional departments e.g. finance, management and marketing. The marketing audit is the tool that helps in formulating the marketing plan of the company by assessing the current state of affairs and analyzing the future trends of industry (Blythe & Megicks, 2010). There are three levels of marketing audit which can be applied in type of company. At present, the company has network in 34 countries along with 4 destinations. The company has strong presence on social media and good ranking in Google. In social media, the most common platforms are the facebook, linkledin, youtube and twitter. On these four platforms, SriLankan Airlines is regularly updating its customers about features of products. The SriLankan Airlines created official pages on these platforms and it had millions of likes and followers. In the same way, SriLankan Airlines run regular advertisement in dailies, weeklies and monthly newspapers. At the end of advertisement, the signs of social media are used which are showing that SriLankan Airlines is also available in social media for further queries

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