In wake of globalisation, competition on global level and emerging markets all around the world; it has become essential for organisations to pursue continuous growth and expansion in order to address the factors in the external environment threatening the long term survival of the organisation. There are a number of growth strategies available for an organisation. Some of the options may include: establishment of a completely new business, acquisition of another business, merger with an existing business, and identification of new target markets for expansion of business through brand extension or brand stretching. The last option may be highly feasible for businesses that have strong brand presence in the global markets. This paper includes identification of two new target markets in the UK market for Red Bull and presents marketing plans appropriate to both the identified target markets. The paper provides an overview of Red Bull followed by an extensive environmental appraisal analysis of the organisation. The environmental analysis includes application of multiple frameworks such as: SWOT, PESTEL, value chain analysis, and competitive analysis. After the environmental analysis, the paper presents identification of the two target markets, the characteristics of customers in each market, and positioning to be conducted in the markets. The last section of the paper specifies marketing mixes for each target market including the

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