Starbucks is the premier, maker, roaster, and retailer of specialty coffee across the globe, functioning in more than 62 countries. Starbucks came into being in 1985, the common stock of Starbucks on NASDAQ Global street market is (NASDAQ) under the label of ‘SUBUX’. Starbuck has, in fiscal 2013, more than 3 billion customer’s visits to their more than 19,000 stores spread in 62 countries. Thus far, Starbuck is planning add a new innovative product in its goods list, the squeezing cup. Since we all know that fresh-squeezed juice is a different drink as compare to the other preservative juices lined up in the stores. For target market, Starbucks will choose one of more segments. We will select one or all of the three strategies, such as, Single Segment Concentration, Market Aggregation, or multiple segment targeting. The problems will be considered to be solved by the help of the management team because entering new market will be facing many barriers and contingencies, so the management is required to stay focused and up to date with market variations. Implements new strategies to attract new customers and create a good reputation in the market. SWOT Analysis, Target Market, Marketing Objectives, Situation Analysis, Product Mix, Price Strategy and Promotion Strategy

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