Marketing Strategy Walmart – Walmart is a multinational company which has its headquarters in Arkansas and has several thousand stores in around twenty seven countries. It was founded by Sam and James Walton in 1962. The company operates supermarket chains, groceries and general merchandise stores and seeks to always help customers’ live better lives by saving on necessities. The company started trading in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1972. It is rated as one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world. However, the company’s profits are fast reducing due to increased competition and ways to revert this must be developed. This marketing strategy will analyze the company’s position and propose ways of increasing its revenues by 35% in the next three years. Walmart has over the years positioned itself as having the cheapest prices in the retail industry. For that reason, it has been able to create a client base that its competitors can only dream of. The brand has almost monopolized the retail market by opening numerous stores that offer low prices that are so low that rivals cannot compete

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