The Impacts of Celebrity Life and Movies on Youth Fashion – Celebrities and fashion are everywhere among us. We see celebrities and fashion in the movies, television, magazines, news and posters. The movies and the celebrities are an inevitable part of human growth. During growth, we look up to the stars for a variety of reasons. Girls and young ladies look to the celebrities for inspirations of beauty and extravagant styles. Conversely, boys look to the celebrities for muscle growth and the keen fashion sense that the celebrities portray and own. The teens consequently aspire to be like their celebrity of choice. The celebrities significantly influence youth fashion since the celebrities signify an ideal beauty. The youth views the celebrities as displaying an amazing look everywhere they go. The youth and young population strive to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Celebrities are the highest influence of modern youth fashion. Often, youths meet their celebrities in movies, and they ensure they watch the movies regularly to keep up with the celebrities’ trend of fashion. The style is rapidly changing, and the youth must work harder to keep up. Youths must look to their celebrities for fashion to achieve the opinionated, good looks

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