International marketing is a combination of activities, institutions, taxes that go beyond country borders to deliver, communicate, and create goods and services of value to the customers. It also involves franchising, export, joint venture or foreign direct investment of an association’s item or service into other nations. This can be accomplished through exportation of an organization’s product into another country, or through a joint venture with another firm in the intended country, or directly investing in a foreign country of choice. According to American marketing Association, it is the process of developing and implementing the marketing idea, promotion, pricing, distribution of ideas, goods and services to enables trade that meets the needs of the customers and that of the organization. Daiso is one of the largest and oldest firms in Japan that deals with a variety of products. It largely deals with household products. Its uniqueness, variety, and quality of products enhance its wide market across the globe. This paper, therefore, intends to develop a market outline to facilitate Daiso market entry to India pref

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