International Marketing, Assessment and Entry Strategies – Firms must conduct international marketing assessment to establish the most appropriate market and mode of entry. The entry mode remains a vital choice for all firms that are making a decision of expanding their organization to other undeveloped or developed states internationally. An organization considers entering global markets for various reasons including competitive domestic market and expanding the business to attain higher revenues and establish a global brand. The analysis will focus on the J&M Ltd which hopes to expand its business to the Middle East region. The paper will assess the investment environment, impacts of government interventionist policies, and the market potential. The author will also concentrate on the impact of regional integration initiatives and other issues with a clear identification of opportunities and threats in Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. It will further recommend the nation in which the business should enter initially and the reasons for it. It will also suggest the most appropriate market entry strategy with justification. Finally, the paper will summarize the analysis and provide recommendations to the research. Includes SWOT and PESTEL analyses

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