The 8Ps of Marketing Mix: Apple Company (iPhone 7) – The marketing mix that is adopted by any particular company determines whether the company will succeed or not. Marketing is very important for any company and therefore each company must make sound decisions when it comes to marketing. The sale and the profits of an organization depend on how the company makes important decisions in marketing such as the design of the products, its prices, the level of partnership, level of product promotion, the level of customers’ involvement among many other factors.

There are eight important decisions that any company must make when designing the marketing strategy. These decisions concerns product, price, place, promotion, processes, physical evidence, people as well as partnerships. Apple Company has adopted good strategies regarding the eights items in the marketing of iPhones, and this has seen the product perform well in the market since its introduction in 2016. The profits from the product have been increasing every year, evidence of application of a good marketing plan. This report seeks to evaluate the marketing mix adopted by the company about the eight important decisions and then make recommendations that can help the company improve its marketing strategy further.

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