Ryanair Marketing Analysis – In 1985 with an investment of £1 and a workforce of 25. In July, the first route of the company was launched on a 15-seater Bandeirate aircraft. The aircraft operates daily from Waterford to London. Also, the Ryanair first cabin crew was not exceeding 5ft. 2 inches tall so has to ensure that the company works in a tiny cabin. Ryanair became a big company in the airline industry and is considered the Europe’s favorite airline.

The company operates about 1,800 daily flights from 86 bases and approximately 1100 small ticket ways across 33 nations, which links to over 200 destinations, on a fleet of about 360 Boeing 737 airliner, with a further placed firm 305 Boeing 737’s on purchase, which will allow the company to lower fares and expand trade to 200 million customers by 2024. Currently, Ryanair has a crew of approximately 11,500 highly competent aviation experts serving Europe’s No.1 on time accomplishment, and expected to transport about 119 million customers in the recent financial year, an industry prominent 31 years safety record.

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