Strategic Marketing Analysis – Ever heard of innovative thinking, leadership through service and commitment to saving? Well, that is the true definition of Walmart. Wal-Mart Stores Inc is a multinational retailer. It offers a wide variety of goods and services in many countries around the globe. It is uniquely known for its low pricing techniques and exceptional human resources which have enabled the company to have a paradigm shift in the business world. In a bid to explore its marketing development strategy, Walmart is going international. This report is an entry plan for Walmart in the Saudi Arabian market as a hypermarket giant in full operation.

The report seeks to investigate the various factors that influence the mode of entry of Walmart into the international market along with the potential barriers which may pose challenges during the expansion of the company. The report draws attention to the fact that Walmart is a large retailer and it operates around the world. In its marketing business context, the company uses segmentation, targeting and positioning as its marketing strategies so as to attract a pool of customers to its products and services. The segmentation includes psychographic and demographic segmentation of its customers. In addition, the company uses low pricing as a targeting and positioning technique.

Walmart has been using advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and websites, sales promotion personal selling and public relations in the promotion of the products. It also offers in-store promotions such as special deals and discounts. The company offers intensive distribution strategy and sells through traditional stores and online. To maintain its public relations, Walmart uses the press release to inform the customers and the investors of its strategic plans, policies, and programs. The intensive marketing strategies used by the company are the market penetration and market development.

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