Qatar Airways Market Positioning  – Qatar Airways is among the largest companies found in the Middle East, however, business has not been all rainbows and unicorns; there has been a stiff competition from other air companies from the region which have higher brand value. Some of the companies include Emirates, Fly Dubai and Etihad. To overcome the prevailing competition, Qatar Airways had to formulate and effectively implement strategies that aim at increasing their competitive advantage. Competitive advantage could be achieved through differentiation and brand positioning.

By gaining competitive advantage, a firm ensures customers’ loyalty which ultimately boosts its revenue. It is in relation to this that Qatar Airways went back to the drawing board and came up with a niche differentiation strategy, offering affordable tickets and reducing its operational costs – something not done by other airline companies around the globe. Hence, this research paper, aims at analyzing how the Qatar Airways is position itself in the market to ensure dominance over other airline companies, particularly the paper focuses on how the company implemented affordable tickets strategy as a way of customer satisfaction and way of enhancing a good reputation. The strategy ensures that Qatar Airways differentiates itself from other airline companies and positions itself in the market in a strategic manner to ensure a wider market share.

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