Marketing Plan for Sky ISP Business – Sky Broadband Technologies provides internet solutions as an internet service provider supplying bandwidth and installation of internet equipment (routers, switches, Nano stations, antennas) to small businesses, residential areas, apartments, informal settlements with electricity and offices in and around town that are identified to lack the service but have a demand for it.

As a large enterprise dealing with internet distribution, the company wants to connect residents of many towns with cheap and reliable wireless internet that they can use in the comfort of their homes and offices. Sky broadband also deliver after sale services like maintenance of equipment i.e., replacement of broken equipment, deliveries of equipment, follow up on customers to find out the value of service, offer file management system for small business for the safety of files through the network. Internet as a tool connects people from all over the world and as an intermediary helping in the process. Sky broadband ensures the services offered are up to standard, according to market regulations, and with the latest technology equipment at their disposal.

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