Exploration into the Effectiveness of Facebook’s Sponsored Advertisements on Customer Sales (2021)

Facebook’s Sponsored Advertisements Dissertation – The aim of the dissertation is to analyze the influence of Facebook advertisements on customer sales. The fierce and intense competition among businesses has made it necessary for companies to generate new ideas in order to become customers’ favorite choice. Advertising is one method that organizations use to capture the attention of their target customers. Facebook has recently become a preferred advertising platform for many businesses due to its numerous advantages.

With Facebook, organizations can reach large audiences without geographical or time constraints. It offers effortless and efficient communication, connecting users with individuals across the globe. However, despite its benefits, the vastness of Facebook often poses challenges for users and businesses utilizing it for advertising and increasing sales. These challenges include targeting the wrong audiences, high cost per conversation, and limited ad space on the social media platform.

The research adopts a positivism philosophy, descriptive design, deductive approach, and survey research strategy. Additionally, a probability sampling technique was used to select 50 participants whose opinions could be helpful in analyzing the influence of Facebook sponsored advertisements on customer sales. The primary data collected from these participants was analyzed using quantitative analysis techniques, specifically descriptive statistics.

Pie charts and bar graphs were utilized to interpret the opinions of the 50 participants based on suitability. The data analysis and interpretations reveal that Facebook sponsored ads have become a recent favorite among business organizations and are highly utilized for increasing customer sales. The descriptive analysis implies that the surveyed participants possess adequate knowledge regarding the effective use of Facebook in boosting customer sales.

However, there are opposing arguments that present a different set of opinions about the effectiveness of Facebook sponsored ads in driving customer sales. The analysis and information provided from past research highlight instances where the effectiveness of Facebook sponsored ads is questioned due to challenges such as the clarity of the ads, time-consuming tracking profiles, and targeting incorrect audiences. Despite the criticism, the role of Facebook sponsored ads in increasing sales can be established and emphasized through data analysis, interpretations, and past research.

The objectives of the research are:

  • Creation and performance of online questionnaires in order to evaluate the customers’ positive and negative reaction to the sponsored advertisements in Facebook
  • To determine the effectiveness and success of the Facebook’s sponsored advertisements
  • Statistical study with the questionnaires results to perform a study how the advertisements influence the costumer sales
  • To understand the emergence and use of Facebook
  • To critically analyze the factors affecting the use of Facebook among business for advertisements
  • To investigate the benefits of using Facebook sponsored advertisements
  • To study the different types of Facebook ads that improves customer sales
  • To determine the role of Facebook sponsored ads in increasing customer sales
  • To find ways of improving customers sales by using sponsored Facebook ads effectively

  • 14,000 words – 94 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes survey questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Problem Statement
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Research Rationale
Structure Of The Dissertation

2 – Literature Review
Conceptual Framework
Emergence Of Social Media Platforms
Different Types Of Social Media Platforms
History Of Facebook
Factors Affecting Increased Facebook Use Among Businesses For Advertisements
Benefits Of Using Facebook Advertising
Facebook Ads That Drive Sales
Concept Of Facebook Sponsored Ads And Its Role In Improving Sales
Challenges Of Using Facebook Sponsored Advertising
Concept Of Sales
Need Of Increased Customer Sales For Businesses
Advantages Of Increased Customer Sales By Advertisements
Research Gap

3 – Research Methodology
Research Outline
Research Onion
Philosophies Of Research
Validation For Preferring Positivism Philosophy
Approaches Of Research
Validation For Preferring Deductive Approach
Designs Of Research
Validation For Preferring Descriptive Design
Strategies Of Research
Validation For Preferring Survey Research Strategy
Sampling Techniques Of Research
Validation For Preferring Random Probability Sampling Technique
Data Collection Processes Of Research
Validation For Preferring Primary Data Collection Process
Data Analysis Techniques Of Research
Validation For Preferring Quantitative Data Analysis Technique
Accessibility Issues
Ethical Considerations

4 – Findings And Interpretation
Data Analysis

5 – Discussions

6 – Conclusion And Recommendations
Linking With Objectives
Future Scope Of The Study


Survey Questionnaire

Facebooks Sponsored Advertisements Dissertation
Facebook’s Sponsored Advertisements Dissertation

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