Why Do Young People Choose H&M? (2021)

The aim of this dissertation study is to identify the reasons that persuade young people to purchase fashion products from a fast fashion company H&M. In particular, this study addresses following objectives; to identify the key motivating factors for young consumers behind the purchase of H&M products; to assess the implications of low-cost of products in popularity of H&M products among young consumers and to evaluate how the environmental impact of fast fashion influences the decision-making process among young consumers. This study used quantitative research methodology under positivist research philosophy because this methodology helps in generalising the key findings of the study on a larger population.

Questionnaires were deployed and used as a source of collecting data from young consumers aged 16 years to 25 years. The findings of this study deduced that younger consumers aged (16 years to 25 years), are concerned about the ecological and social influence of their fast fashion shopping decisions; however, at the time of buying fast fashion products, they do not much consider the ecological aspects and sustainability of their fashion consumption. In the strict fashion aspect, they are more concerned about the low cost, high variety of products along with environmental concerns.

The findings of this study show that consumers regularly avail trendy and fast fashion products that is low cost and has a high variety of product lines and constitutes 50% to 100% of their wardrobes. This study has important implications as this study highlights the impact of sustainability on the purchasing decision of customers in the fashion industry and offer insights about how such companies can improve their environmental protection standards.

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1 – Introduction
Research Background
Research Aim and Objectives
Significance of the Research
Dissertation Structure

2 – Literature Review
Fast Fashion Growing Popularity
Fast Fashion Adoption Among Younger People
Consumer Decision-Making Journey Among Youngsters
Sustainability Issue of Fast Fashion
Implications of Sustainability Factor Among Young Customers
Gap in the Existing Literature

3 – Research Methodology
Research Overview
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Method
Data Collection Method
Sampling Technique
Data Analysis
Ethical Considerations

4 – Results and Analysis
Reliability Analysis
Demographic Analysis
Correlation Analysis
Regression Analysis

5 – Discussion on Findings

6 – Conclusion
Theoretical Implications
Managerial Implications
Recommendations of the Study
Limitations and Future Research Direction


Questionnaire Survey

Fashion Products Purchasing H&M Dissertation
Fashion Products Purchasing H&M Dissertation

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