Impact and Influence of Employee Branding on Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Starbucks (2013)

Employee Branding of Starbucks and Customer Satisfaction Dissertation – Customer satisfaction and employee branding are significant for marketing and business studies and they have always been under the primary focus of business researchers. Implementation of studies conducted in these areas has yielded substantial benefits for many organizations. Therefore, this study will provide a good chance to evaluate the implication of both of these concepts and the way they became lucrative for Starbucks.

The company has always been ahead of its competitors in all respects and this fact has opened a good prospect to study the strategies it has adopted to remain ahead in the competition. The company has implied various marketing techniques to attract the customers and keeping them satisfied. Although the company experienced some serious customer switching but it reinforced the customer service strategy to get back on the strong grounds again.

Defining the aims and objectives of any given research is essential to draw a clear framework to reach a workable solution. This is the most important and sensitive step in the research process. The aims and objectives of research must be closely linked with each other in order to deliver some meaningful results. If a careless approach is adopted in the formulation of aims and objectives then the whole practice of research will be meaningless.

The dissertation aims and objectives of this particular research are stated below:

  • To analyse the employee branding of Starbucks
  • To analyse the customer satisfaction of Starbucks
  • To analyse the impact of employee branding over customer satisfaction
  • To provide recommendations for improving the employee branding to increase customer satisfaction

  • 10,000 words – 44 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Background of the Study
Brief Organizational Background
Statement of the Problem
Rationale of the Study
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Questions
Scope and Limitations of Study

2 – Literature Review
Employee branding
Process of employee branding
Employee branding programs
Practices and forms of employee branding
Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction process
Considering customer expectation
Promises to customers
Continuous dialog with customers
Surveys of consumer satisfaction
Methods for measuring customer satisfaction
Surveys to measure overall satisfaction
Measurement of customer loyalty
Impact of employee branding over customer satisfaction
Employee branding of Starbucks over customer satisfaction

3 – Research Methodology
Research Paradigm
Research Approach
Research Design
Research Methods
Data Collection Method
Population and Sample Size
Data Validity and Reliability
Time Line
Ethical Issues

4 – Data Analysis
Data analysis tools
Data analysis and interpretation
Research findings

5 – Recommendation and Conclusion
Recommendation of the study
Future Research



Employee Branding of Starbucks Dissertation
Employee Branding of Starbucks Dissertation

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