Elements of Branding and Brand Recognition (2011)

Whilst researching the topic of branding, the researcher appreciated that despite the abundance of literature available on the topic, there was little research into how influential specific brand Elements are and how important they are to the overall brand. Academics and professionals alike would benefit from understanding what, if any elements of a brand are core to its success, and this was the driver behind this paper.

The aim of this dissertation is to provide an understanding of the different elements of branding, investigate how important each element is to the recognition of that brand and the reasons why. As a result there are three objectives to that need to be achieved:

  • To understand and explain the different elements of branding
  • To investigate the importance of each brand element in the mind of the consumer
  • To determine, what element(s) are core to a brand and for what reasons

In order to achieve the proposed aims, this paper will review the current literature available on branding, and brand elements and draw theoretical conclusions from each chapter; the researcher will then discuss research approaches before deciding on a research strategy for the design of a research framework for primary research in the methodology.

Following this, there will be an investigation into the brand elements discovered ion the literature review and the researcher will aim to provide an understanding of which of the brand elements is most important to the consumer. The results will then be presented, question by question in both an informative and illustrative format before the researcher proceeds to evaluate them in the Results Discussion. From this, the researcher will draw the report conclusions and continue by providing recommendations for future research. Finally, in reflection, any flaws in the research paper will be highlighted and discussed.

  • 15,000 words – 90 pages in length
  • Good use of marketing literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Introduction

2: Review of The Literature
Introduction to Branding
What Constitutes a Brand?
Brand Name
Importance of Colour and Logo
Importance of Brand Equity
Branding and Importance of Awareness
Brand Identity and Perception
Brand Personality and Brand Loyalty

3: Methodology
Research Approaches
Introduction to Research
Research Aims
Research Methods
Research Strategy
Introduction to Research Strategy
Focus Group
Methods of Analysis of Data
Methods of Presentation of Data
Issues of Sample Size in Relation to the Population
Validity and Reliability of Research Approach

4: Presentation of Results
Questionnaire Results
Focus Group Results

5: Results Discussion
What Specific Brand Elements are Most Recognisable?
What Influences Brand Recognition?
What Influences Brand Choice and Why?

6: Conclusion


Appendix Section

Elements of Branding and Brand Recognition Dissertation
Elements of Branding and Brand Recognition Dissertation

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