The Impact of Social Media on Customer Purchase Decisions – A Study of the Airline Industry (2013)

Social Media and Customer Purchase Decisions Dissertation – This dissertation aims to understand the influence of social media on the Thai consumer behaviour, in the context of airline decisions. It uses a cognitive theoretical framework of consumer behaviour to analyse the impact. Quantitative as well as qualitative research methods are utilized. The data for the former is collected through the questionnaire circulated among 156 respondents, drawn out using cluster sampling, based on their age group.

The qualitative data is gathered through interviews with 8 participants. The findings show that consumers rely on social media for the decisions relevant to airlines and are unanimous in agreeing with the helpfulness of these media in the aspect and rate social media better than other media in terms of being an information source and provider of quality data. The frequency of usage of social media is found to be related to its utility as a source of airline information.

When the analysis is conducted among the clusters of sample, it is found that social media is used as a source of airline information and is perceived to be helpful in this aspect, along all age groups. However, the opinion on authenticity of such information varies between these bands.

The quality of information on social media is generally rated well by the respondents with only a few being doubtful of the authenticity of data available on social media. As far as quantity is concerned, respondents stand unanimous in stating that it is satisfactory. However, the respondents balance between quality and quantity is almost at equilibrium.

More than 25 percent of the respondents are interested in sharing their travel experience through social media, while those older than 45 years are inert to the idea. Certain recommendations such as scientific content management practices for improving the quality and quantity of information published on social media are made to the airline companies, based on the findings. Thus, this study adds up to the existing knowledge on airline consumer behaviour, given the backdrop of social media.

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1: Introduction
Aims and Objectives of the Study
Structure of the Study

2: Literature Review
Social Media Introduction and Attributes
Social Media Usage and Customer Buying Behavior
The Statistics
Social Media for Marketing
Social Media and Consumer Behavior
Importance of Content Management on Social Media
Quality of Content
Quantity of Content
Customer Perceptions and Social Media in Thailand: Prospects for the Airline Industry
Theoretical Framework Chosen

3: Research Methodology
Research Question and Hypotheses
Research Design
Research Strategies
Instruments for Study
Sampling and Data Collection
Qualitative Data Analysis
Quantitative Data Analysis

4: Analysis and Findings
The Sample and Social Media Usage Trends
Reliance on Social Media for Choosing Airline
Impact of Quality of Social Media Information on Consumer Purchasing Decision
Impact of Quantity of Information on Social Media on Customer Airline Decisions
Usage of Social Media along Age Groups and Its Adaptability Affect Customer Airline Decisions
Positive Relationship between Social Media and Consumer Purchase Decision
Analysis of Qualitative Data Collected Through Interviews

5: Discussion

6: Conclusions
Limitations of the Study

Appendix Section


Social Media and Customer Purchase Decisions Dissertation
Social Media and Customer Purchase Decisions Dissertation

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