Advertising and Semiotics as Meaningful Signs (2010)

Advertising and Semiotics Dissertation – The aim of this dissertation is the exploration, analysis, and discussion of advertising as a promotional tool of the modern marketing procedure. As advertising can be seen as a way of communication, it can also be considered as a sign or common language among different ages, cultures and generally selected audiences. An advertisement is a sign that includes many others, which result to the observer’s interpretation. For the purpose of this study, semiotics is considered as the study of advertisements’ signs. Sign is anything that a human mind can perceive as meaningful.

The main objective of this research is to explore how semiotics helps print advertisements to communicate the messages they carry in a more effective way to their target audiences. Moreover, the study investigates how consumers perceive advertising by the use of semiotics and if semiotics helps the advertisements’ readers understand their concepts easier. Furthermore, by the use of secondary and primary research, the researcher tends to explore if print advertising can be effective and how it works, compare different types of print advertisements and investigate semiotics as a method of discoursing advertising from the consumers’ point of view.

Finally to critically examine whether the use of semiotics and semiotic analysis ‘boosts’ message understanding and makes the product, service or idea promoted more attractive to consumers or simply is an activity of making messages more complicated to be correctly perceived. The first part of this study is a review of the literature written on advertising and semiotics.

This section includes the definition of advertising, the different types of it, its mediums, and the most common elements of print advertisements’ text. Furthermore, a definition of semiotics is given in order the science of it to be better and deeper understood, where the advertising’s text is seen as a semiotic model of analysis. In addition, the design of print advertisements’ and semiotics as a meaning making process is discussed and the elements of semiotic analysis explored including the semiotic square.

The second part of the study involves the explanation of the methodology that had been undertaken. The research’s objectives are clearly stated, followed by he research’s approach and design. The research’s design is accompanied by the method of it, the sampling considerations, data collection, and analysis. The section offers a coherent explanation of the instruments that this study used in researching the topic. The following section includes an analysis of the primary research the researcher conducted.

The findings of the focus groups are listed and discussed and the advertisements that the discussion groups were based on are analysed in terms of what the participants believed. The study continues with a discussion of the findings, where they are compared and contrasted with the secondary research’s (literature review) findings. The dissertation concludes with the most important findings and outcomes of the research as a whole, followed by recommendations for further research.

  • 23,000 words – 108 pages in length
  • Extensive and excellent use of literature
  • Expertly written throughout
  • Excellent use of models
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Introduction

2: Advertising
A general approach
What is Advertising?
Types of Advertising
Advertising Mediums
The elements of an advertisement text
Verbal elements
The Body Copy
Non-Verbal Elements

3: Semiotics
Definition of Semiotics
The advertising text: A semiotic model of analysis
Peirce’s Triadic Semiosis
Design and semiotics as meaning making
Elements of semiotic analysis
The Semiotic Square

4: Methodology
Research Objectives
Research Approach
Research Design
Research Methods
Sampling Considerations
Data Collection
Data Analysis

5: Analysis of Primary Research
Definition of and Attitudes Towards Advertising
Impact and effects of print advertisements on consumers
Semiotics as elements of advertising: Strategically thought?
Message And Concept Comprehension
Advertisements Analysis
Beck’s Pool Shark
Beck’s Brazilian
Stella Artois (Reassuringly Expensive)
Toyota Avensis
Ford Fiesta

6: Conclusions
Overview of Findings
Managerial Implications
Future Research
Contribution of Research

7: References

8: Bibliography


Advertising and Semiotics Dissertation
Advertising and Semiotics Dissertation

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