Analysis Into The Key Diversification Strategies Implemented By TESCO Plc

Diversification is a vital ingredient in corporate strategy. It has been studied for half a century and the views on it have changed with different industrial eras. The primary emphasis of corporate planning during the 1960’s and early 1970’s was on the diversification strategies through which large corporations pursued growth and security. Igor Ansoff, widely recognised as one of the founding figures of the new discipline of corporate strategy, went as far as to define strategy in terms of diversification decisions, Strategic decisions are primarily concerned with external rather than internal problems of the firm and specifically with the selection of the product-mix that the firm will produce and the markets to which it will sell.

In fact, the period 1950 to 1980 was the time where companies diversified extensively. Research at the Harvard Business School documented the diversification trend among large US corporations. Over time, the number of single business companies among the ranks of the Fortune 500 declined steadily, whereas the most diversified companies increased in number. Changes in the diversification strategies of the Fortune 500.I will be constructing a dissertation analysing the key diversification strategies implemented by Tesco plc in the last ten years which has propelled the supermarket chain to total core market dominance in the UK, and made it the world’s most successful online retailer.

My ideas and theories will revolve around the introduction of a Tesco loyalty card, the diversification move in to financial services (credit cards, loans, motor insurance, home insurance), and Tesco’s online shopping services. I will be looking to see the aims behind the moves by Tesco and apply them to advanced strategic theory.

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1: Introduction

2: What is Diversification
Why diversify?
Diversification – Types
Definitions of diversification
Related diversification
Unrelated diversification

3: How to Diversify
Methods of diversification
Acquire an existing firm
Starting a new company internally
Forming a joint venture

4: Outcomes of Diversification
Shareholders value

5: Background Information on Tesco
Retailing services

6: Analysis of Tesco
Introduction to the analysis of Tesco
Tesco’s performance
Tesco’s position
Industry level Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Supplier Power and Buyer Power
Threat of Substitutes
Threat of Entry
Industry Rivalry
Limitations of Porter’s 5 Forces Model

7: Tesco SWOT Analysis
Limitations of SWOT

8: Tesco Key Offerings Boston Consultancy Group (BCG) Matrix
BCG Analysis
Summary of BCG Matrix
Limitations of BCG Matrix

9: Conclusion: The Future for Tesco

10: Critique of Dissertation


Key Diversification Strategies at TESCO Dissertation
Key Diversification Strategies at TESCO Dissertation

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