An Analysis Into The Impact Of Marketing Communication Activities Initiated By The Boots Company On The Behaviour of its Loyal Consumer Base (2007)

Marketing Communications Activities Dissertation – This study looks at the communication strategies used by The Boots Company in extending its loyal consumer base. To analyse this initially, secondary research was undertaken in the form of literature review. Initially, in the literature review the competitive position of The Boots Company is analysed.

The analysis is carried out using the PESTEL, SWOT and Porters Five Forces theory. The analysis showed that The Boots Company has to further develop its communications strategies particularly to face the threat posed by the retailers who undercut the prices. In the following extended literature review, the consumer buying process and the factors affecting the consumer buying process were studied.

Finally, in the literature review it was identified that Advertising, Sponsorship marketing, Sales promotions, direct marketing communications, Public relations and Packaging were identified as the promotional tools important for The Boots Company in communicating its message to the target market. A get a clear understanding of the various promotional tools learnt from the secondary research it was thought to take up a primary research.

The research is carried out by interviewing the customers at Boots the Chemists store with the help of a pre-prepared questionnaire. The research carried out is of quantitative type. All the questions were designed as close ended to make the statistical analysis easy. The results were analysed using a SPSS package.

  • 20,000 words – 105 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent use of marketing models
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout

1: Introduction
Importance of marketing communications and consumer behaviour
What is retailing?
Retailing in the UK
The Boots Company retailing
Aims and Objectives of the report
Structure of the report

2: Literature Review
The Boots Company strategy
Analysis of the remote business environment
PESTE analysis
Porters Five Forces theory
SWOT analysis

3: Extended Literature Review
Consumer buying process
Buyer influencing factors
Communication process
Deciding on the communications mix
Sales promotion
Direct marketing
Public relations

4: Research Methodology
Secondary research
Primary research
Research method chosen
Selecting sample and location
Pilot study
Limitations of research
Data analysis

5: Data Analysis
Presentation and Analysis of results

6: Conclusions and Recommendations
Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations
Limitations of the study
Recommendations for further research

7: References and Bibliography

Marketing Communications Activities Dissertation
Marketing Communications Activities Dissertation

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