Are Marketing Methods Becoming Too Intrusive? Focus On Privacy Issues (2007)

Privacy Issues and Marketing Methods Dissertation – As marketing is advancing, more methods are being introduced and old methods are being modified that allow the marketers to know more about their customers. This has added value to the tailored service or products that consumers are being offered however the question is do the consumers want this type of service, is the timing right and are the marketers asking too much in return in terms of our personal information? For instance is this trade of information benefiting the consumer or its more beneficial to the marketer and the organisation they work for?

This dissertation looks into the how the consumers feel about the constant marketing they are receiving and the demand of information by marketers. The way consumers are exposed to marketing mediums, how they respond to them and how successful they have been over the years. This was done by critically analysing the various marketing mediums, through use of mostly secondary data and a small section with a questionnaire on feelings towards telemarketing.

The data collected showed that there is a rising concern on privacy issues and marketing methods relating to collective marketing information. The paper also points out how consumers can gain control of their information and highlights the possibility of customers gaining some returns in trading their information. There are detailed guidelines on how to stop or minimise unwanted marketing and an analysis of the present regulation and legislation and how relevant it is to the consumer.

  • 12,000 words – 67 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Literature Review
The Term Privacy
Is Privacy A Right?
Benefits Of Collecting Customers’ Information
Ways In Which Companies Get Information
Customers Concerns
Personal Information Can Make Money
Privacy Intrusion Through E-Commerce
Consumers Are Left Vulnerable On The Internet
Loyalty Cards
Unwanted Direct Mail
Green Issue Concerns Over Junk Mail
Junk E- Mail / Spam
New Marketing Technologies
Advantages And Disadvantages Of FMRI And EEG
Radio Frequency Identification
Concerns Over Use Of RFID
Promoting Customer Relationships

2: Methodology
Research Topic
Research Strategy
Research Approach
An Alternative Method I Would Have Chosen
Methods Of Collecting Data
The Research Sample
An Alternative Method Of Data Collection
Why A Questionnaire Was Chosen
How The Data Will Be Analysed
Limitations (Overall Problems And Difficulties)

3: Results And Findings
Results And Findings
Responses Relating To Telephone Calls
Perception Of Call Usefulness
Analysis Of Marketing Received
Feelings Towards Marketing Received
Loss Of Control And Vulnerability
Concerns Over Personal Information
Classification Of Respondents

4: Discussions And Conclusions
Discussion And Conclusions
Further Research

5: Recommendations
Recommendations For The Consumer
Recommendations For Organisations




Privacy Issues and Marketing Methods Dissertation
Privacy Issues and Marketing Methods Dissertation

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