An Analysis Into Strategy Change at Next Plc (2007)

The aim of this dissertation is to discover what effects the strategy changes undertaken by Next Plc will have on themselves and their competition in the UK clothing retail market. Growth in knowledge and confidence of key theories such as strategy, positioning and branding is also required. The objectives of the dissertation are: (1) Understand the scope of the UK clothing retail market, including any trends that may affect retailers. (2) Grow knowledge of strategy, including theory, and links to other theories. (3) Establish Next’s positioning in the markets, making the definition of competitors easier. (4) Investigate strategic changes made by the main source of competition. (5) Illustrate strategic changes implemented by Next; including a stronger analysis of the value sub-brand Lime. (6) Evaluate changes & discuss if they will be enough to keep the customers interest in the Next brand.

  • 10,000 words – 48 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Good use of marketing models
  • Ideal for business and marketing students

1: Next And The UK CLothing Retail Market
Next’s History
The UK Clothing Market
The slowdown of UK retail
Industry trends affecting the market
Industry trends
Consumer trends
Trading looking ahead
New Retailing Trends
Chapter Conclusion

2: Positioning, Competitors And Strategy
Strategy: The Concept
Market penetration
Market development
Product development
Range extension
Market extension
Previous strategies
Move to out-of-town
Multi Channel Retailing
Next’s Positioning
Next: The Competition
Marks and Spencer
M&S: Issues
M&S: Recovery
Impacts on Next
Chapter Conclusion

3: Current Strategy Changes
Pricing strategy change
Store re-fit
Chapter Conclusion

4: The Value Brand
Lime – The sub-brand
Lime – The Retailer
Brand Strength
Chapter Conclusion

5: Conclusions And Final Thoughts
Lime – The sub-brand
Lime – The Retailer
Brand Strength
Chapter Conclusion




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