MBA dissertation based on Brand Identity and its affect on Consumer Behaviour (2007)

Affect of Brand Identity and Image on Consumer Behaviour Dissertation – In the Global Business, a solid branding program is just as important for small and medium businesses. Customers like to feel that they are dealing with an established, reliable business. A branding campaign designed for your target market should not require a huge investment. It can take a form of a website, a well-designed logo, a concept that differentiates your business from the competition or some other form of corporate identity.

To develop such an identity, it is necessary to first learn what customers want and then send a clear message that your product or service can fulfil their needs and expectations better than the competition. Today, the most important thing in terms of branding, is a ‘clear program for communication’, without that, you just become a part of the scenario. So you promote, position and advertise at an attempt to develop your brand identity and image.

A gap between your brand identity and brand image can cause major concerns with your overall brand. The result is your audiences get inconsistent, sometimes conflicting impressions and information. Or they miss your message entirely. The objectives of this research, in the light of the research problem are to:

  • Define the Brand Identity
  • Explain through Real Cases Study how Brand Identity affects the Consumers Behaviour
  • Explain how the internal corporate values affect the consumer’s behaviour and the impact of perceived corporate values on brand preference
  • Analysis and Comment about how the Brand Identity affects the Consumers Behaviour: how the brand Personality (Identity) affects the Consumers Behaviour
  • 20,000 words – 62 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good use of business / marketing models
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Background to the research problem
Research Objectives
Research Methodology
Outline of the Research Report

2 – Literature Review
Brand identity
Process of creating your company’s identity
Branding Tips
Brand Identity Image Traps
Brand Identity System
Why the Corporate Identity is so important today
Brand Identity for Brand Recall
Brand Identity for taking advantage of new global media
Brand identity for brand image and brand personality
Brand Identity for enabling global and local communications
Identity for brand architecture and high level brands
Identity as a relationship builder
Identity and Employees: Bringing Brand Image to Life
How to create a strong Network of Employee Ambassadors
What should a company consider before change its identity?
Evaluation of the Brand Identity System
My literature Analysis

3 – Join a Brand Means Join a Tribe
Cultural Brands
Iconic Brands
The Italian Context
Important factors for Iconic Brands
Research Methodology
Research Results
My analysis of the Data

4 – The Impact of Perceived Corporate Brand Values on Brand preference
Conceptual framework
Model and Hypotheses
Methodology and Measurement
Discussion of Results

5 – Discussion
Reflect the brand identity by the customer’s identity
Brand behaviour affects the brand-customer relationship
Create a Global brand Identity Connection
Affect the Consumer behaviour is the key to success

6 – Conclusion
Achievement of the Research objectives
Recommendations for managers and areas for future research


Brand Identity and Image - Consumer Behaviour Dissertation
Brand Identity and Image – Consumer Behaviour Dissertation

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