Examination Into Youth Brand Loyalty The Sportswear Industry (2010)

This dissertation is an examination into youth brand loyalty. It looks at consumer decision making processes and branding theory in relation to youth’s purchasing habits and underlying attitudes. The primary research focuses on looking at youth and older people a like exploring what aids brand loyalty, what factors sustain this as well as how brand equity is influenced. The study concludes that the youth in their bid to find acceptance portray images with the use of sportswear to alleviate peer pressure placed upon them. Furthermore the Study also concludes that youthful associations do not significantly affect Brand Equity.

Young people’s brand loyalty towards Sportswear can essentially pose certain problems. In particular this practise can alienate other potential users of the brand as well as exude negative perceptions or feelings towards the brand. This is particularly significant if sportswear is used by young people in a negative sense, for example to commit crime. Essentially what this could mean is a change in image of sportswear brands. Whether this is positive or negative is yet to be seen or drawn out from the study.

It could mean however that sportswear brands are becoming increasingly more reliant on the youth, to purchase their products. This brings with it increasing risk in a society where very little is predictable. The risk of uncertainty can cause problems. This is because sportswear brands as well as other Industry brands have to be able to forecast and examine future trends. A heavy reliance on the youth can cause problems if the youth decide that it is no longer fashionable to wear certain brands or clothing. This could leave a number of Companies in an extremely vulnerable position.

The objectives of the dissertation are:

  • To explore attitudes and perceptions of the general sample towards sportswear brands: to uncover the factors that make people purchase sportswear and find out whether their perceptions of brands have been altered by young people’s connection to them.
  • To explore the way with which young people became attached to sports brands, including finding the glue with which these opinions are held together.
  • To identify and quantifiably assess to what extent advertising plays a role in consumer purchasing behaviour in relation in sportswear.
  • 12,000 words – 76 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for marketing and business students

1: Introduction
Problems and Consequences
Importance of the Study
Framework of the Project

2: Literature Review
Consumer problem solving and buying process
Importance of Brands
Brand Loyalty / Repeat Buying behaviour
Young People’s decision-making processes
Theory decisions and considerations, formulation

3: Research Methodology
Exploratory, Descriptive, Analytical and Predictive
Deductive / Inductive and Positivist / Phenomenologist
Research methods
Method formulation
Sampling procedure

4: Fieldwork, Findings and Analysis
Analysis of questions

5: Conclusion and Recommendations



Youth Brand Loyalty in the Sportswear Industry Dissertation
Youth Brand Loyalty in the Sportswear Industry Dissertation

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