A Marketing Plan For A Business Operating In The LGV Driver Agency Sector (2007)

Marketing Plan LGV Driver Agency Sector Dissertation – The Logistics industry is experiencing consistent growth in particular freight moved by road and there is an ever increasing demand for professionally qualified LGV Drivers. However, with an inherent shortage of drivers in the UK the project seeks to develop a marketing strategy for an LGV Driver Agency based in the South East of England, which can be used by a new start up or one that is already in business.

Through an external analysis of the industry and review of the marketing practises the project will determine what drivers and employers require from an agency. It will also carry out an analysis to determine the differentiating factors amongst the competitors. Coupled with these findings a detailed understanding of the target market will lead to the development of a successful marketing strategy. The project concludes that there is potential for an agency to easily differentiate itself from the competitors through the range of services offered and a greater understanding of the target market.

Services such as the implementation of training plans or the simplification of legislations will attract drivers to the agency. The project also found that continual professional development was ranked high amongst drivers, and an agency with the ability to fulfil these requirements will not only retain its drives but also attract employers who require competent drivers for their business.

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1 – Introduction

2 – Literature Review Marketing
Marketing As A Concept
Marketing As A Strategy
Marketing Professional Services
Characteristics Of Services Marketing
Services Marketing Mix – 8Ps
A Framework For Marketing Services
Marketing In SMEs – Theory Into Practise

3 – Literature Review Logistics
The Logistics Industry In The UK
Operating Costs Of Large Goods Vehicles
Changing Trends In The Industry
Recruitment And Driver Hire
Young Drivers Scheme

4 – Research Methodology
Research Objectives
Quantitative And Qualitative Perspectives
Desk Based Research
Secondary Data
Semi Structured Interviewing
Telephone Interviews
Obtaining The Sample
Analysis Of The Data
Write Up Approach
Ethical Issues

5 – Industry Analysis
Sector Overview: The Logistics Industry
The Recruitment Industry
Macro Environment Analysis
Political And Legal
Social Dynamics
Industry And Competitive Analysis
The Bargaining Power Of Customers
Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
Threat Of New Entry
Competitive Rivalry
Threat Of Substitutes
Market Segmentation: Logistics In The South East
Demographic Of LGV Licence Holders In The South East
LGV Driver Salaries
Results From The Interviews
Responses From Employers
Responses From LGV Drivers
Responses From LGV Driver Agencies
Summary Of Interviews

6 – Marketing Plan
Executive Summary
Purpose And Mission
Business Goals And Requirements
Industry Analysis
Political And Legal
Social Dynamics
Major Competitors
Market Needs
Market Growth Rate
Competitive Advantage
Marketing Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Personal Selling
Internet Marketing
SMS Messaging
Roll Out Plan

7 – Conclusion


Appendix Section

Marketing Plan LGV Driver Agency Sector Dissertation
Marketing Plan LGV Driver Agency Sector Dissertation

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