An Investigation Into The Concept Of Relationship Marketing Within The Company Environ Technologies Ltd

Relationship Marketing Techniques Dissertation – This dissertation is based on an investigation into the concept of Relationship Marketing within the company Environ Technologies Ltd. The purpose of this dissertation is to ascertain the key differences in implementation of relationship marketing strategy Environ Technologies Ltd undergoes in creating long-term business relationships with their most valued Small-Medium sized enterprise and Multinational enterprise customers.

Also to critically examine whether it is possible to benefit and sustain mutual long-term relationships with their most valued MNE customers. After reviewing published literature, objectives were set to ascertain the factors essential for formulating the differences between relationship marketing implementation with their SME and MNE buyers and the issues that may impede successful relationships developing with their most valued MNE buyers.

  • 21,000 words – 108 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent in depth analysis
  • Good user of academic models
  • Outstanding piece of work

1: Introduction
Topic and Context
Research purpose and aim
Case study in context: Environ Technologies Ltd
Environ Technologies products
Development of Environ Technologies Ltd
Current demand for Environ Technologies products
Who are Environ Technologies customers?
Who are Environ Technologies competitors?
Marketing of Environ Products
Research aim and context
Appraisal of choice of research project
Limitations of study
Structure of Study

2: Theoretical Context
History of relationship marketing
What is relationship marketing?
The conditions necessary for relationship marketing
Small-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adopting relationship marketing techniques to other similar sized companies.
SMEs adopting networking techniques in relationship marketing
Multinational corporations (MNEs) adopting relationship marketing techniques to other similar sized companies
Multinational corporations adopting relationship marketing with SMEs
SMEs selling products and services to MNEs within the buyer-supplier supply chain
Conceptual framework

3: Research Design and Methodology
Limitations of qualitative research
Data collection methods
Semi structured interviews with ENT employees
Practical Considerations
Observations: attending scheduled client meetings
Practical considerations
Validity of Research methods
Time Horizons
Ethical Considerations
Critical reflection of research strategy and methodology

4: Analysis and Research Findings
Presentations of research strategy
Question 1 analysis
Environ Technologies relationship marketing approach
The use of personal interaction with the customer
Developing relationships with key individuals with buyer organisations
ENT Networking
Technology and IT requirements
Exchanging of information
Power balance in relationship power
The observational research
Question 2 analysis
Unequal balance in relationship power
Price vs. loyalty
Sustaining individual relationships within MNEs
Decision making processes within MNEs
Environ Technologies unique product

5: Conclusion and Evaluation
Differences in adopting relationship marketing to different sized organisations
Issues that impede successful implementation of relationship Marketing with MNE customers
Recommendations of how findings could be applied in practice
Future Works
Personal reflection



Relationship Marketing Techniques Dissertation
Relationship Marketing Techniques Dissertation

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