How Consumers Evaluate Brand Extension And The Role Market Research Plays In Extension Success (2008)

Market Research and Brand Extension Dissertation – Companies are continuously seeking new ways of gaining competitive advantage over competitors. As a result, implementing the correct brand strategy is vital. The following study investigates if Aaker and Keller’s 1990 seminal study of brand extension is still relevant and applicable today. The author examines literature around the subject to aid understanding and highlight the length of time it has been since this subject field was last thoroughly investigated.

The literature reviewed confirmed that brand extension was favourable to new product developments as it is safer, more cost efficient and carries positive brand equity from the parent brand therefore, increasing consumer trial prospect. It is therefore essential for companies, especially in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) markets, to adapt to consumer needs and anticipate market changes. The use of semi-structured qualitative interviews enabled the author to gain an insight into the current thoughts and direction of companies today.

Analyses of these findings show that although Aaker and Keller’s study is still relevant and applicable today, there are further criteria and consumer shifts that have to be taken into account. These included the suggestion that advertising plays a much more significant part in consumer acceptance than previously investigated and the need to ensure that the brand extensions are fulfilling consumer needs.

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1. Introduction
Focus of Study
Objectives of Research
Problems and ethical issues within this research
Structure of study

2. Literature Review
Brand extension as a product strategy
Benefits of brand extension
Consumer Behaviour
Effects of brand extension on the parent brand
Negative impact of brand extensions
Consumer acceptance of brand extension
Brand extension in the market life cycle (MLC)
Brand extension in the confectionery market
Summary of findings and relevance

3. Methodology
Primary Research
Qualitative Research
Secondary Research
Analysis of Research
Future Research
Problems and ethical issues within this research

4. Analysis of primary research
Reasons why companies adopt a brand extension strategy
Is Aaker and Keller’s study still relevant and applicable?
Do Nestle actively pursue a brand extension strategy
Role of market research in brand extension choice
How must products meet these criteria
Reasons for successful brand extension
Reasons for unsuccessful brand extensions

5. Analysis of secondary research
How market research aids Nestle
Advice on brand extension

6. Conclusion
How the criteria have changed
The role of market research
Evaluation of successful and unsuccessful brand extensions
Areas for future research




Market Research and Brand Extension Dissertation
Market Research and Brand Extension Dissertation

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