To What Degree Has The Growth Of The Internet Affected Consumer Behaviour In The UK? (2008)

Consumer Online Purchase Behaviour Dissertation – Since its emergence in the early 1980s, the Internet has grown from strength to strength allowing users to take advantage of a number of online features and services ranging from accessing information to social networking. Such features have led to a significant growth in the number UK households having access to the internet, such growth has also led to a vast array of businesses now offering their goods or services for sale online, with a number of authors highlighting the ever growing importance that the internet is having on the way retailers reach consumers and meet their behavioural needs online.

Two retail revolutions have caused significant transformations in the history of retail since the Second World War: the shopping centre concept and the World Wide Web. The purpose of this study is to therefore analyse the extent to which the internet has affected consumer behaviour in the UK, and thus evaluate whether such affects has led or will lead the internet to become the largest retail channel of the future.

In order to do this the author will conduct both primary and secondary research as explained in the chapter outline section, so that a number of sources can be analysed and evaluate to offer a set of comprehensive findings and conclusions.

  • 10,000 words – 61 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Does not include questionnaire or transcripts
  • Ideal for business and marketing students

1. Introduction
Aim and Objectives
Chapter outlines

2. Literature Review
The growth of the Internet
Consumer Behaviour
Traditional channels vs. The Internet
The effect of consumer demographics on online behaviour
Consumer online search behaviour
Consumer online purchase behaviour
Consumer online use behaviour
Consumer online evaluation behaviour
Consumer online disposal behaviour
Summary of Literature

3. Methodology
Scope of research
Questionnaire design
Questionnaire Location
Research Limitations
Ethical considerations
Research Hypothesis
Summary of Methodology

4. Findings and Analysis
Validity and Reliability of data
Consumer online search behaviour findings
Consumer online purchase behaviour findings
Consumers online use behaviour findings
Consumers online evaluate behaviour findings
Consumers online dispose behaviour findings
Summary of findings

5. Conclusion
The Internets influence on consumer behaviour
The subsequent effect on business
Limitations to the study
Recommendations for future study


Consumer Online Purchase Behaviour Dissertation
Consumer Online Purchase Behaviour Dissertation

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